Steering Spotlight: Martin Kao, CEO, Navatek Ltd., Honolulu, HI


Washington, D.C. – Last week, Martin Kao made the nearly 5,000 mile trek from Honolulu, HI to Washington, DC as a guest of Senator Brian Schatz to meet with Senate Democrats to share the success story of his company, Navatek Ltd. Kao was able to provide a unique perspective on job creation and innovation as his company is a member of Hawaii’s small but strong high tech industry which emerged a decade ago. It’s not often that Senate Democrats get a chance to hear from Hawaiians, and this opportunity was something Kao did not take lightly.

“As a CEO, I’m always eager to hear success stories. Maybe I can adopt that winning idea or strategy to make my own company more successful and profitable,” said Kao. “The Senate Democratic Steering Committee meeting gave me an opportunity to learn how the smartest and most nimble survive and thrive in tough economic times. It gets you pumped up. If there’s a will there’s a way.”

Over the last two decades, Navatek has worked with the Office of Naval Research to improve and validate the simulation tools the Navy uses to help design ships and boats more quickly, efficiently and less expensively.

Kao added, “Our company is now recognized as a global leader in the application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to the design of advanced ship hull forms. As the national and Hawaii economies stalled and went into recession in 2009, we aggressively brainstormed new applications and uses for our existing simulation tools and expertise.”

Kao was one of thirteen business executives that were invited by Senate Democrats to the Steering meeting last week, and was able to hear how other dynamic job creators are fostering economic growth and creating jobs in their local communities.

Click HERE for a clip of the meeting and an interview with Kao