Steering Meeting with Faith Groups

Faith Meeting

Senate Democrats Meet with Faith Leaders

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senate Democrats met with faith leaders from around the country in the U.S. Capitol.  The discussion focused on domestic poverty issues including raising the minimum wage, extending federal unemployment benefits, supporting nutrition programs, and comprehensive immigration reform.  Faith leaders called for Congress to make investments to end poverty and hunger.

“Faith groups are some of the greatest champions of the poor and vulnerable among us.  Congress must follow their example and support programs that lift people out of poverty,” said Senator Mark Begich, Chair of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee.  “That is why I am proud to co-sponsor legislation that increases the minimum wage.”

There are still too many Americans who are having trouble finding work and millions more people trying to get by on low-wage jobs.  Senator Democrats believe that Congress has a responsibility to support programs that keep families from falling into poverty and making sure that the current economic recovery does not leave low-wage workers behind.