Senate Democrats, Clean Energy Leaders Reiterate Commitment to Jobs , Saving Taxpayer Dollars

Clean Energy Jobs

Washington, DC – Today, Senate Democrats hosted a discussion about the importance of expanding the clean energy sector in order to create jobs and bring down energy costs. Senators were joined by industry leaders, organizations, and labor unions. The leaders thanked Congress for the important progress made so far to help spur growth in the market, but noted that there is more work to be done moving forward.

“I have always supported an all of the above energy policy and believe that expanding our energy sector is key to creating jobs and bringing down energy costs,” said Senator Begich (D-AK), Chairman of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee, “With some of the highest energy prices in the country, Alaskans know we must diversify our energy supply, help secure our energy independence and increase the stability of our electric grid.”

Senate Democrats agreed that an increase in clean energy industries would provide a well-paid labor force and lower prices for consumers, stemming from an energy renaissance of American-made tools, equipment, and products. Investments in clean energy would also lead to the creation of tens of thousands of jobs across the country.