Senate Democrats and Industry Leaders Call for Minimum Wage Increase

Rebuilding the Middle Class


WASHINGTON, DC- Today, The Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee met with leaders of the business community to discuss strategies to empower the American middle class. Companies from across the country repeatedly stated that their successes were largely attributed to policies that provide good benefits and above-minimum wage pay for employees. Senator Begich (AK), Chairman of the Steering and Outreach Committee, hosted the meeting with Senator Coons (DE), the Steering Committee’s Chair of Business Outreach.

“Increasing the minimum wage is essential to rebuilding our economy,” Senator Begich said, “The prospect of higher pay has been shown to lower turnover and increase overall productivity. We need a strong middle class with more purchasing power, which in turn helps industries thrive. We can help both businesses and the workers employed by them.”

“We have to invest in American workers if we want to rebuild our middle class and ensure that our nation can compete over the long-term,” Senator Coons said. “That means renewing support for jobless Americans, ensuring access to a fair and adequate wage, and investing in growing our manufacturing sector and training workers for the good jobs of the future. The business leaders we spoke to today recognize that good business starts with a strong and capable workforce, and I thank them for joining us to share their insight.”

Senate Democrats expressed their support for the Fair Minimum Wage Act, which would raise the minimum wage to $10.10, their commitment to extending unemployment insurance.